The Canons Regular of Premontre

Welcome to St. Norbert Abbey

Canonry of Jamtara, INDIA

Counting over the CENTURY in serving the people of God.

Called to be coworkers of CHRIST through St. Norbert

Celebrating the COMMUNION in all the tables we meet

Come and rejuvenate the DIVINE experience in you

The Word Of God Is Inflamed With The Fire Of The Holy Spirit. It Consumes Vices And Promotes Virtue.
- St. Norbert of Xanten

Ever Ancient, Ever New

The canons regular of Premontre – 900 years across the world

History of Norbertine in INDIA

The 900 years old order has its communities across the globe. All these communities carry the vision of St. Norbert our founder in every mission they do. The vision and the mission of this great order were brought to India through the Dutch father who came from the Abbey of Berne, Netherlands. Inspired by the Holy spirit and willingness to reach out to far-off people 3 Dutch Norbertines boarded the ship on the invitation of Rev. Bp. Allen to work in the Madras Mission. In the year 1923...

Our Vision

To experience communion with God, fellow brothers and sisters, universe and oneself in its fullness, as lived by Jesus Christ, inspired by St. Norbert and St. Augustine, and to share that experience with every one through our life and mission.

our Mission

To emphasize and establish communion in all aspects of our life. To enhance our present apostolate with both spiritual and professional means and take up new missions wherever needed reading the signs of the times. To commit ourselves to a preferential option for the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized and foster love, freedom, justice, unity and peace. To join hands with all people of good will to work for human dignity and rights, to preserve and enhance cultural identity and values and the sanctity of creation.

“O Priest! You are not of yourself because you are the servant and minister of Christ.
- St. Norbert



Celebration of the holy Sacraments


Imparting knowledge and wisdom.

Social Work

Empowering and enhancing the lives.

Art, Media & Communication

Experiencing and expressing the good news.

Words from our fathers:

Abbot general

Heavenly Father, grant us the grace of the jubilee, the grace of renewal and conversion. Give us the fullness of your Holy Spirit, so that we may discern the ways in which we can live according to the Gospel, follow the teachings of the Apostles, and grow in the charism that you entrusted to our holy fathers Augustine and Norbert.

Rt. Rev,Jos Wouters, O.Praem The Abbot General, Rome

Abbot message

As we celebrate 100 years of the Norbertines’ presence in India, we reflect on the tireless dedication and selfless service of our priests in various ministries across the country. For a century, we have been carrying on the vision and mission of our founder, St. Norbert, reaching out to the poor and the needy through pastoral, educational, and social ministries

Rt. Rev. Marcus Champia, O.Praem, The Abbot, St. Norbert Abbey, INDIA